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We offer organisations quick and painless locally based doorstep collection solutions for all forms of commercial and personal recoveries.

In the process of debt collection, the first step is usually to make phone calls to the concerned parties just before their invoices fall due and follow-up calls once they fall due. If this fails, the creditor will send letters reminding the debtor to make good his account, or face the risk of facing legal action according to the agreement that was signed by both parties at the commencement of the business transaction.


If the debtor remains passive and/or refuses to settle the debt or makes no effort to explain the cause for the delay in order to come up with a possible solution to the problem, steeper measures must be considered. In these cases, it’s necessary to make physical calls to the debtor’s location – either at his place of employment or business, or at his home.


These are what are referred to as doorstep visits, and are part of the range of services offered by All Square Solutions. Doorstep visits can help us to gauge the financial standing of a defaulting debtor. They are also a useful way of mounting pressure on the debtor to do something to settle outstanding debts; they show that you mean business.

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Why use our doorstep collection solution?

Our doorstep collections solutions can help to conclude matters without the need to resort to lengthy and costly litigation.  It is also a useful tool that can help verify for certain that you debtor actually lives where he/she says. And it can assist us to re-establish contact with your unresponsive debtors, or it can aid our investigations into their whereabouts; a valuable tool that could make a difference to help reach a satisfactory conclusion.


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Advantages of our doorstep collection solution

  • High recovery rate through personal contact.
  • Low cost when compared to a judicial recovery
  • Motivation of unresponsive debtors.
  • Concealed on-site surveillance providing additional information about your debtor.
  • Friendly, but determined handling of your debtor.


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