Informing the recovery process and assessing it's prospects


Investigations involve the gathering of factual information or undertaking surveillance on behalf of our clients.

All Square Solutions objective is to provide our clients with the facts, whether they are positive or negative, and to facilitate our clients to make the important decisions.


If you are considering legal action against a debtor, it might be prudent to find out whether sufficient funds and possessions are available before taking further steps. A recovery investigation performed by All Square Solutions provides for a complete overview of possible assets to seize and the overall capital position of your debtor.


Our partners employ carefully experienced investigators and detectives to work closely with our clients when conducting surveillance and investigation cases. When choosing All Square Solutions you can be confident the investigation will be carried out to the highest possible standard by professionals who understand the complexities and potential legal ramifications of any commercial investigations.

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Pre-emptive action in debt recovery investigations

Clients who don't pay their bills form a huge risk towards companies, especially when the financial stakes are high. One way of limiting this risk to conduct an administrative investigation on a third party before entering into an agreement with them. This helps to prevent problems in the future and the necessity to perform a debt recovery investigation when the problem has already occurred. Our partners are available to support you with these administrative investigations and provide you with an advice on other pre-emptive measures.

If you want to have a person or company checked with a debt recovery investigation, All Square Solutions is just the partner you’re looking for. We check the solvency and credit rating of the company or individual, after which we will send you a report that states whether the person was speaking the truth when they informed you they were not able to pay their debt to you.


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