Our priority is to help everyone concerned to find a solution. So if you owe money and we have contacted you about a debt you can be assured that we are here to help you in a professional and amicable way. We make no judgment about you - instead we seek to understand your circumstances and offer solutions to help you clear the debt you legally owe.

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  • who is all square solutions and why are you contacting me?

    All Square Solutions is a specialist debt recovery agency, collecting debts in Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man. We are contacting you as we have details of an outstanding finance balance that has been passed to us for collection of payment, details of which can be found in the correspondence that will have been sent to you.

  • how do i update my contact details?

    To update your contact details with All Square Solutions, please call us on 0845 8681226.

  • how do i start clearing my balance?

    If you are a new customer, please contact us on 0845 8681226.

    Existing customers can also contact us to discuss the various payment options available on 0845 8681226. The best way to start clearing your balance is by making regular payments. We will take the time to listen, learn and understand your personal and financial circumstances and will work together with you to agree an affordable and realistic repayment plan.

  • i would like to nominate a third party to deal with you on my behalf

    If you have appointed a debt management company or other third party to manage your finances we will need to speak with them so that we can discuss your account and agree a way forward.

    In this instance, please contact us on 0845 8681226 and we will discuss this matter further with you.

  • I am receiving correspondence for someone who does not live at my address

    If the correspondence is addressed to an individual that does not reside at your address you should mark the envelope “not known at this address” and return it back in the post it will then make sure that any mail marked “not known at this address” will be returned to the sender. The sender will then update their records accordingly and take the appropriate action.

    Should you wish to contact us and discuss the matter, you will be asked a number of security questions, such as your name, address and date of birth.

  • how do i make a full and final settlement offer?

    Please contact us on 0845 8681226 to discuss this matter with one of our trained and competent staff will be able to help you make the arrangements.

  • how do i set up a repayment plan?

    At All Square Solutions, we fully understand how easy it is to fall behind on agreed instalments. We aim to work with you to enable you to clear your debt in a manner which suits your personal and financial circumstances. Therefore, if you are unable to pay the balance in full at this time and wish to set up a repayment plan, you can do this by contacting us on 0845 8681226 and a member of our team will be able to help you.

  • what will happen to my repayment plan if i do not keep up with payments?

    If you do not maintain payments with us, your account will fall into arrears which will prompt a letter/SMS to inform you of this. It is important that you maintain your payment arrangement with us. We are here to listen and will take into account your personal and financial circumstances when discussing payment arrangements.

  • I Don't believe this is my debt?

    Please contact us on 0845 8681226. We have all the details required to be able to progress matters.

  • how do i pay and what payment methods do you accept?

    You can use a debt or credit card, standing order or cheques or alternatively, you can contact us on 0845 8681226 to discuss options over the phone.

  • will this affect my credit record?

    It is possible that the creditor may have marked your credit file as in arrears or defaulted. If the debt was pursued through the courts, there is also a possibility that you may have had a  Judgment entered against your credit file. If in doubt, please contact us and we will seek instructions from our client.

  • how do i check my credit file?

    Please see below. There are various organisations that will be able to tell you more about what this means in terms of your credit file.

    You can check your credit file with the Credit Reference Agencies listed below:

    Experian – 0870 241 6212

    Equifax Plc – 0870 010 0583

    Call Credit Plc – 0870 060 1414

  • the debt relates to a previous occupant

    Please return our letter or give contact us on 0845 8681226 to advise this is the case. We will then verify this information and update our client’s records.

  • i dispute some or all of the debt

    You should contact us on 0845 8681226 as soon as possible. If this is ignored, our client may instruct us to take legal action.

  • complaints - to whom should i complain?

    In the first instance, we would advise you to raise this matter with a member of our team. We recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. In the event that we have made a mistake or could have done something better, we will do our best to put things right for you. If your complaint is not resolved, or you feel it is something we should deal with direct, please write to us or email us at the details below:

    Email: solutions@allsquaresolutions.com

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