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  • I already have a collection process; why would i use you?

    Many businesses will already have some form of collection strategy as part of their standard processes; however there are huge benefits to improving them. Numerous overdue invoices will still delay paying you, no matter how many letters or calls you make. We offer solutions to enhance your existing processes and make them more robust, or even replace your current collections process in its entirety. Our solutions suit different circumstances, from early arrears to late stage bad debts.

  • is there a minimum balance you will accept as a debt?

    We do not stipulate minimum balances; you can send us whatever overdue debts you have outstanding.

  • i have debts, but they are quite old, is it worth taKING ACTION?

    Provided that the obligation to pay the debt did not arise more than 6 years ago, you are able to take action to recover these. In our experience, it is worth reviewing all bad debts to determine what view should be taken on each individual case.

  • when and how do i begin recovery action?

    The first step is for us to send your customer a formal letter asking for prompt payment of your debt, warning them that if payment is not received we may potentially take legal action if they fail to pay. We will give the customer a clear due date, letting them know when they need to respond.

    If you hope to continue doing business with the debtor, it is worth giving careful consideration to the wording of the letter and the individual to whom you intend to send it.

  • if my account is not paid, do i have to proceed with legal action?

    No. Our services are designed to give you full control at every stage of the collections process. In the unlikely event that our collection process is unsuccessful, you can decide to litigate if you wish. The choice is always yours.

  • what legal choices do i have?

    The court procedure you follow will depend on the location of the customer and the amount of the debt:

    •Small to medium debts are recuperated through either; the Petty Debts Court or Small Claims while larger claims are pursued in the Royal Court.

    • For debts up to £10,000, the court case is assigned to Petty/Small Claims Courts. This is a simple, informal and inexpensive process for solving disputes.

    • Claims for over £10,000 are issued in the Royal Court. These involve more formal and complex procedures, and can involve substantial expenses.

  • i already have obtained judgment but the debtor will not pay

    For a number of debtors, a Judgment alone is not enough to induce payment. We have a wide range of enforcement options in respect of individual and commercial debtors. Having payments deducted from their wages, placing a charge on their property or removing their goods. We will tailor any enforcement to the suitability of the debtor and your business needs.

  • does it matter if the debtor is an individual or company?

    Generally speaking, the likelihood of recovering your debt will be determined by the legal company structure of your customer.

    • Individuals and smaller businesses are often more likely to experience cash flow challenges.

    • Sole traders are liable for their own debts, so they may be worth pursuing if the individual has significant assets.

    • The larger the organisation, the more likely it is that their debt problems result in part from their internal communication problems.

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