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Each year thousands of people abscond and businesses move on without giving any forwarding information, leaving unpaid creditors and owing millions of pounds in unpaid debts. Whether large or small, companies cannot afford to simply write off debts that their clients are refusing to pay.

If you suspect a debtor has absconded, our agents can quickly and accurately establish and verify the debtor's current status and location. It's fairly easy to move without leaving a trace, but it's almost impossible to setup in a new location without leaving footprints.


Even though more and more information is available in the public domain today, there is no substitute for the expertise of a specialised tracing agent.

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How can I get help finding someone who has "gone away"?

Effective tracing is a blend of an art and a science. In most cases and with today’s technology most people can be found – even those who are trying to “not to be found”. Our agents have access to extensive databases including government records and credit bureau files.


Even if the debtors are highly evasive or there is a lack of information our tracing agents are skilled and experienced at locating even the most elusive of individuals and "gone-aways".


When you use our debtor tracing solution you are making sure that the methods our agents use are both ethical and legal.


To discuss how we could help, please call us on 0845 8681226 or email solutions@allsquaresolutions.com

The benefits of using our debt tracing solution:

  • Complete local and worldwide coverage.
  • Highly experienced and professional investigators.
  • A legal and compliant searching solution.
  • Excellent standards of practice.


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